The Skeleton Sutras book (signed by the author)


Get your hands on a limited edition of Damian Taggart’s third book, signed by the author!

About The Skeleton Sutras

The skeleton is a framework, a structure, underlying each of our lives. The Skeleton Sutras are arcane knowledge from which new worlds will be built. Not exhaustive, not a how-to, not a philosophy, but a scaffolding for erecting new visions of self. They comprise a rough guide, like keeping the river to your left as you wander through the darkness of the forest; they are a distant bearing for the wandering heart. The Skeleton Sutras ask us to view ourselves with different eyes. Rather than seeing ourselves as separate “things” interfering with each other in a complex causal chain, The Sutras suggest that we are expressions of the same will. The Sutras ask us to see ourselves with the same eyes that God sees us. The Sutras challenge us to embrace desire in all of its terrible splendor as the primordial engine of divine will. The Sutras suggest that such dogmatics are best mined for usefulness, absorbed, and discarded. The Skeleton Sutras express the profound and unreasonable joy of being held by gravity and the autonomic breath—so much is taken care of automatically! If we only dare to look, we may see that everything is taken care of, everything has come to fruition already. That anxiety is the mark of the ego, vainly straining against a universe that already is. The relentlessly curious may discover that this realm of the real is but a vast and effervescent womb—a place where all things are continuously engendered. The source that springs eternal. The Skeleton Sutras are of apocryphal origin, derived from a sibylline manuscript written some 250 years before the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by a little-known Advaitin sage, Sri Brahmajna Sat, as brought to life by the imagination of American author and dreamer, Damian Taggart. When The Sutras are understood, they offer breadcrumbs to follow towards spontaneity, health, and vitality. They offer a sense that vitality is a better compass than traditional conceptions of morality for the orientation of one’s being. They offer us peace with life in the face of death, more freedom to act, less paralysis from fear, and less concern with the illusions of security and identity. Above all, The Sutras are a call for valor in the throes of the darkest night: bring the power inside you forth! This is the summons of The Skeleton Sutras.

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